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新生报到 Upon Your Arrival

Ⅰ.抵达学校 Getting to USTC



USTC has four campus:east campus, west campus, north campus and south campus. International Affairs Office is on the 2nd floor of the Administrative Building (old library) located in East campus.



The Hefei Xinqiao Airport is about 60 kilometers away from the East campus of USTC. At the gate of arrival, you can take a taxi to the east campus of USTC. Usually, it takes about 1 hour and the expense for the trip is about RMB 100 Yuan. It will cost more if there is bad traffic situation or at night. Another option is to take the airport shuttle bus No. 2, get down at the Shi Li Miao station, then take Bus No. 108 to Zhong Guo Ke Ji Da Xue station (just near the north gate of east campus), and it may take 2 hours and 40 minutes and cost RMB 27 yuan.



Hefei Railway Station is about 10 kilometers away from the East campus of USTC. At the gate of arrival, you can take a taxi to the east campus of USTC. Usually, it costs about RMB 20 Yuan. It will cost more if there is bad traffic situation or at night.



If you cannot speak any Chinese, you can print out the following description for the address of USTC beforehand and show it to the taxi driver, which is recommended. You can also ask the driver to call IAO on 63603144 for more information.



Description for the address of USTC:  Please take me to the east campus of USTC, No.96 Jinzhai Road. Please refer to the campus map for the location of IAO (end of this webpage).



Please remember to ask for the receipt for taking Airport Shuttle Bus or Taxi and well keep it.



Ⅱ.报到 Registration


报到地点: 中国科学技术大学行政楼外事办公室227房间(老图书馆二楼西边)

Registration place: Room 227, International Affairs Office, Administration Building, USTC (west part, 2nd floor, old library)


报到时间: 2014年9月1日 – 2014年9月4日,8:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00

Registration date and time: 8:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00, Sept. 1 – Sept. 4, 2014


























Registration Procedures


Scholarship Students

Self-financed students

day of registration


-Health report evaluation

-Purchase medical insurance

-Collect scholarship stipends

-Accommodation registration

-Enroll at your department office


-Health report evaluation

-Tuition fee payment

-Purchase medical insurance

-Accommodation registration

-Enroll at your department office

1-2 weeks after registration

-Obtain Student Certificate & campus card

-Residence Permit application


-Obtain Student Certificate & campus card

-Residence Permit application




1.     录取通知书

2.     外国留学人员来华签证申请表(JW201/JW202表)

3.     身体检查及验血结果等所有体检相关材料 (如有请提供)

4.     有效护照及签证

5.     最高学历证明原件

6.     护照尺寸的照片(4张)

Please bring the following documents for registration.

1.     Admission Notice

2.     Visa Application for Study in China form/JW202 form

3.     Physical examination form, blood test reports and all the other related reports (if available)

4.     Passport

5.     Highest diploma/degree certificate (original copy)

6.     Photos in passport size (at least 4 copies)



Please keep in mind that no one can register on your behalf. Self-financed students must have cleared payment for their tuition fees and medical insurance by the end of the day of registration. Otherwise, the registration process cannot be completed.



Working hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00. If you fail in arriving at USTC at the working hours due to kinds of reasons although you have tried hard to planning your trip, you may settle down first at USTC Guest House or other hotels near around and inform us immediately via email.



Ⅲ.住宿安排与住宿登记 Housing Arrangement and Accommodation Registration



Due to the limited number of places, on-campus dormitories are only able to host international students with Chinese Government Scholarship who has registered in USTC. According to the law and the relevant policy, relatives or friends of international students are not allowed to live in on-campus dormitories.



Students not sent by Chinese Government Scholarship need to live off-campus. Before you find an appropriate apartment off-campus to rent, we suggest you live in the Guest House, east campus, for safety and convenience. You may find accommodation off-campus by visiting local real estate agents, checking newspaper advertisements or notice boards.


根据法律规定,你必须要在抵达合肥的24 小时内办理临时住宿登记。入住校内留学生宿舍的同学,请先到外办填写有关表格,再去住地所在的辖区派出所办理。由于一些原因需要暂时入住专家楼或校外宾馆的同学,也不用担心,一般都可以直接在前台办理临时住宿登记。

According to the law, you must get accommodation registration in 24 hours after your arrival at Hefei. If you are arranged to live in the on-campus dormitory, please fill out the related form at IAO first and then go to the police station designated with your passport. If you need live in the Guest House or other hotels temporarily, generally the accommodation registration can be processed directly at the reception.



Students living off campus should take the passport to the police station for accommodation registration with the landlord in 24 hours after signing rental agreement and moving into the apartment. Also please let IAO know your detailed address for contact.



Please keep the authorized accommodation registration form carefully, because it is one of the most important documents for applying for Residence Permit. Moreover, you need to renew it if you have moved to another place.

Important: Once you arrive in Hefei, you must ensure IAO has your current address at all times. If, for any reason, Hefei Municipal Public Security Bereau (HMPSB) wishes to contact you, they will reply on the address the university has for you.



Ⅳ.健康认证 Health Report Evaluation



All international students who are to stay in China for more than 6 months are requested to take their passports, Admission Notice, the original Foreigner Physical Examination Form and the Blood Test Report to the local health and quarantine office within the due time to have their medical examination reports verified. Students who do not meet the requirements of the above authority will be required to re-take the medical examination. Those who refuse to re-take the medical examination or are diagnosed with diseases that are not permitted to stay in China according to the Chinese laws and regulations will be required to leave China. Expenses incurred in the procedures above shall be borne by the students themselves including scholarship students.



Below is the information you need for health verification at Anhui International Travel Healthcare Center:



Materials needed: passport, Admission Notice, the original Foreigner Physical Examination Form, the Blood Test Report and all other related reports, 2 photos



Address: No. 367 Wuhu Road, Hefei (it costs about 10 yuan to take taxi there)


办公时间:周一至周五上午8:00 – 11:00

Office Hours: 8:00 – 11:00 a.m. Monday - Friday


咨询电话:0551-62856539   Tel: 0551-62856539



Fees: service charge for health verification is RMB 60 yuan; re-taking the medical examination costs RMB 337 yuan



If you re-take the medical examination, you should keep an empty stomach. And after two working days, you may take the red receipt to the Anhui International Travel Healthcare Center to get the Health Certificate.



Ⅴ.银行开户 Setting up a Bank Account



We strongly recommend you to set up a bank account after you arrive in Hefei, and apply for a related bank card with the identification “UnionPay” on it. The UnionPay card functions as a Debit Card, it enables you to transfer money from your account directly to the recipient’s account and it is commonly used in China. You can use it to pay for tuition fees, medical insurance and shopping in supermarkets, etc..


以下是学校附近, 方便您开设人民币账户的银行(需要携带护照):

Below are the banks near USTC you can set up a bank account as soon as you arrive in Hefei (please take your passport):



Bank of China (most recommended): address: No. 131 Jinzhai Road. About 150 meters north to the west gate of east campus, across the road.



Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: address: No. 71 Jinzhai Road. About 300 meters south to the west gate of east campus, across the road.



China Construction Bank: No. 66 Jinzhai Road. About 600 meters south to the west gate of east campus.



Ⅵ.交学费 Tuition Fees Payment



Self-financed students must pay off the tuition fees for at least one academic year at the registration day. Tuition fees can only be paid in RMB. You will get a payment receipt after the tuition fees have been paid off and then you can continue with other registration formalities. Students who fail in paying off the tuition fees before the end of registration period will not be eligible to apply for Residence Permit.



Finance Office: Room 103, first floor, Student Service Center, Tel: 63602939



1、银联卡。我们建议你使用有 “银联” 标志的银行卡(也称银联卡)支付学费。用这种付费方式,比较安全,而且也可立即入账。



You can pay for the tuition fees by:

1. your UnionPay card. We suggest you to use the bank card with the identification of UnionPay to pay for the tuition fees, for it is safer and more convenient.


2. in RMB cash. You may need convert foreign currencies to RMB cash, and then pay for tuition fees.



Ⅶ.医疗保险 Medical Insurance



As required by the Ministry of Education, international students are required to be medically insured throughout their entire planned period of study. Students must at least be insured with Accidental Injuries and Hospitalization medical coverage. Keep in mind that students who do not have a valid medical insurance/health plan are not allowed to register.



You are required to purchase the Comprehensive Insurance Plan of Foreign Students provided by Ping An Insurance Company on the day of registration, which has been recognized and recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Please refer to the website about the details regarding the insurance plans offered by Ping An. http://www.lxbx.net/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1 








Self-financed students need go to the bank to remit the premium (RMB 600 yuan per year) to Pin An Insurance Company and then take the receipt to IAO to finish other registration formalities. Following information is what you need for remittance:

户名 (account name):联华国际保险经纪(北京)有限公司

账号(account no.):11001070800059000484

开户行(bank name):中国建设银行北京金融街支行

汇款用途(usage):中国科学技术大学 ****(your name)保险



Ⅷ.办理居留许可 Residence Permit Application



The X visa issued by the diplomatic missions outside of China is only for single entry and valid for 30 days after entrance. The student should apply for a residence permit for study in 30 days after entrance. A student holding a residence permit has multiple entries before it expires and does not have to apply for another visa to re-enter China.



Below is information you need for residence permit application:


申请流程:Application Procedures:


1. 请携带护照、录取通知书、JW201/JW202表、健康证明、住宿登记表以及2张照片到外事办公室填写居留许可申请表,自费留学生还需出示学费交费收据和保险汇款凭证。

1. Please come to IAO to fill out the application form for residence permit and you need to bring the following documents: passport, Admission Notice, JW201/JW202 form, Health Certificate, accommodation registration from stamped by the local police station, and two photos (passport size). Self-financed students also need to present the receipts for tuition fee payment and insurance purchasing.


2. 经外办初步审核后,提供办证公函及其他材料。

2. IAO provide an official letter and other documents for students to apply residence permit.


3. 学生本人亲自到合肥市出入境管理局办理。15个工作日内可办理完毕,请自行前往领取护照和居留许可。

3. You need take all the documents mentioned above to the Hefei Municipal Administration Bureau of Exit & Entrance in person. Usually it takes up to 15 working days for HMABEE to get your residence permit ready, so you may go and collect your passport and residence permit after 15 working days.



Address: Hefei Municipal Administration Bureau of Exit & Entrance, No. 6 Huoqiu Road (it costs about 12 yuan to take taxi there)


办公时间:周一至周五,9:00 – 11:30, 14:30 - 17:00

Office Hours: 9:00 – 11:30, 14:30 - 17:00, Monday - Friday


咨询电话:0551-62624550 Tel: 0551-62624550



Fees for residence permit application are different according to the period of validity of the residence permit.

period of validity = 1 year, RMB 400 yuan

1 year < period of validity ≤3 years, RMB 800 yuan

3 year < period of validity ≤5 years, RMB 1000 yuan

Expenses incurred in the procedures above shall be borne by the students themselves including scholarship students.


附件:校园地图 Campus Map

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